Solidyne network rs485 Users:   USB - COMI-M
This is the only adapter supported by the CatNet.
USB plugs into "upper port" on the CatNet.
Dip switch # 1 "On",  all others are "Off"
Terminal block connections:
# 1 (B-) to Solidyne M2
    # 2 (B+) to Solidyne M2

All Baud rate speeds are supported.
Adapter can be purchased at:  or
BIC Automation Inc.
BIC Automation Inc.
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Easy to Use
    * 100% browser based
    * Drag and drop setup
    * No HTML required

    * 4 simultaneous protocols
    * 24/7 reliability
    * Linux security

Cost Effective
    * NO licensing fees
    * NO per-point charges
    * NO certification classes
    * NO special software
    * NO PC required on site

Multiple Uses
    * HMI/User interface
    * Scheduler
    * Alarm monitor
    * Runtime accumulator
    * Trend configurable collector
    * Simple logic controller
    * Point translator system
    * Many other features
For more information: 
CatNet pdf File
Note: ** Solidyne driver autorization code must be purchased from BIC Automation Inc. !
USB to LON adapter
USB to 485 ModBus
All Adapters are extra !
USB to 485 BACnet MSTP