Engineering Services
DDC design layout, Web based integration systems with 3D graphics, including site documentation.

Emergency Service
Technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any emergency that may arise.

Operator Workstation Support
We are able to operate and support any PC environment from Windows 95 through to Windows 10 and Linux. Also, our technicians have a full range of knowledge in PC hardware trouble shooting and repair. Services available include cleaning, maintenance, Adware and Spyware removal, virus checks and system performance checks.

Identification Tagging
One service that we offer our clients is ID tagging. By using the Brady Pipe-marking system, our bright, large lettered labels can be affixed to almost any surface making any mechanical room safer and easier to work in.

Items that can be tagged include: pipes, valves, AHU's, sensors, pumps and starters.

Panel Cleaning
Dust, dirt and grime are a part of everyday life. With electronic components in most control devices, dust is the greatest threat to the life of a panel. Electronically speaking, dust is the greatest heat insulator. When dust accumulates onto chip devices, device failure will occur. Cleaning of the panels is an effective maintenance tool to help secure your investment.

Commissioning and Start-Up Assistance
We also provide new construction and fit-up services. BIC Automation can act as a third-party commissioning agent to represent your interests while communicating with the engineering firm that you have hired. You can rest easy knowing that  the system will function the way it was intended.

Inspection Programs
With a BIC Automation Inspection Program, you can rest easy knowing that your installation is running at full efficiency. And if a problem should ever occur, with the security provided with an Inspection Program, you are guaranteed that a qualified technician will respond quickly to help you resolve the problem.

What's included?

The BIC Automation Inspection Program offers a fully customizable, extremely flexible plan structure that can be configured to meet your needs. Including preferred rates for Program Members!

Operational Services, Inspection Services, Repair Services and Emergency Services are just some of the categories that can be customized in order to keep your facility running normally and your budget from skyrocketing.
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